A ghost is usually defined as the apparition of a deceased person, frequently similar in appearance to that person, and encountered in places he or she frequented, or in association with the person's former belongings. The word "ghost" may also refer to the spirit or soul of a deceased person, or to any spirit or demon.

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Angel Picture or Ghost Picture?

This angel or ghost picture commonly seen on the web was taken after an auto accident. The passengers in the car survived, which lead some to believe an angel assisted them. Is it a fake or real photo of a ghost or an angel entity? You decide...

Author : http://www.angelsghosts.com/angel_ghost_picture.html

Angel Picture or Ghost Picture?...what the fuk...Is that the only options i get?....Well let me burst that bubble....Neither....There is a secret third option to the question.."Angel Picture or Ghost Picture?"....It is ..."or retarded fool?".....So.....I take secret option number 3.....RETARDED FOOL...Your mother is also your sister...inbred!

I really do think that this is a real angel but if you really think about it people know how to make fake pictures of angels but I think this one is real

Ugh. There will always be moronic idiots, like the 1st commenter. Always one who sees things from a negative point of view. Is it so hard to believe a picture like this does exist?

Are you so close minded all you can do is swear like a blithering idiot? Someone should remove that comment, we don't need to see your foul mouthed immaturity. Take it elsewhere little child.

I think that this is a ghost. Maybe there was another accident on that road but people died in it. Dead visiting what should have been death. Exactly! It could be a guardian angel. Either way i beleive both exist. Faith is the strongest proof.

its hard to say one way or the other with out more proof or the actual picture. but ive seen pictures like this. (ive taken several myself) and i cant explain what it could be. so im going to say that its ginuine. atleast in my opinion. whether a ghost or an angel that i cant say.

I Think its an Angel i mean JUST LOOK AT IT the shape it has wings i say its an angel but you can be leave Anythin' you want guys and gals

Let's be positive. I would say it's an angel, or a ghost. Ghost can be good too. In either way it's something God sent to protect that family in the car. A car like that...man!Only a miracle can save people out of something like that. Angels live. Ghosts exist. And God was there for sure.

fool that was a pic that was taken by my step dad heres what happend

in nor west ontario a man got in an accident and my step dad went to go clean up the car mess the people all died they dragged the bodys out ad took a picture
remove this as i we can take action

It's a real picture. It was taken by the fire department after a lady crashed into a rail. She walked out with no scratches or even a bruise...you'd expect the person to be dead. The survivor thinks it was a ghost or "angel" who was looking out for her. I saw the story on it on tv...both the survivor an the lady from the fire department who took the picture seem very credible and really have no reason to lie about this. The negative of the picture also has to apparition in it which is hard to duplicate. What would these people have to gain for making it up, besides looking crazy saying "a ghost saved my life" and "i took a picture of a ghost"

It's amazing how some people can leave rude comments & display their ignorance online (LIKE THE FIRST COMMENTER). Dude, if you don't believe in these pictures, why even look at them or check them out online? Are you nuts? Get a life...

yes i do believe that is a actual picture. whether it is a spirit or a angel, I dont know and I cant say. but it is a real photo, and photos like these are few and inbetween.

My best friend and her dog died in a car accident 3 years ago on November 29th.She was out christmas shopping. I belive in this picture.I like to think that she flew up to heaven on the wings of angels.

I certainly believe this pic is real. When my son had an auto accident July 1987 a friend of mine was on the scene and witnessed a "lady nurse" craddling
my sons head and talking to him. My son was talking to her and calling her "mama". The "lady nurse" told my son that everything was going to be alright, help was on the way. When the ambulance arrived, they were told that a "nurse" had been helping my son through until they arrived. When asked if anyone knew of her, several said they saw her, but when asked if they saw where she went no one could answer. She just seemed to have disappeared. Then about 8 months after my son passed away, we had taken a youth group to see a live play of Jesus' Cucifiction. Our youngest son was with me at the time as was our Pastor. Our son told me to look at the top row of the bleachers and tell him what I saw. This still brings chills whenever I talk about it: a young man (our son was 17 when he died) that looked just like Corbin (deceased son), same clothes he had on at the time of the accident was sitting there with his elbows on his knees and hands folded under his chin looking down at us. Our son Tommy and a good friend of his and Corbin's said they were going to find out who this boy was that looked so much like Corbin. Well, when they got up and started up the stairs, the boy just vanished.
Now...someone tell ME that was just a figment of our imagination!
Yes...I do believe in Angels and ghosts. There were several times during my sons hospital stay and after he passed away we had similar experiences.

Option1: Doctored Photo
Option2: Doctored Photo

I would imagine in this type of accident someone wouldn't take a picture before they helped the people involved. Notice there are no people in the car, or signs of flashing lights. This was taken well after the incident. Do angles just hang out?

Wow! This Isn't The First Time I've Seen This Picture. I Heard That The Woman In The Car Was Unharmed What So Ever. I Mean Seriously No Bruses Or Even One Tiny Scratch! Or Was It A Diffrent Picture...... Anyways Same One Or Not I Believe It!

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