A ghost is usually defined as the apparition of a deceased person, frequently similar in appearance to that person, and encountered in places he or she frequented, or in association with the person's former belongings. The word "ghost" may also refer to the spirit or soul of a deceased person, or to any spirit or demon.

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Ghost Window

I know this pic seems rigged in some way but believe me. I only took this pic wanting an overall shot of the house. If anything I thought I would've got video or shots of things inside consider ing the history.

But there is a couple of added things - my mother noticed a child being held in the upper window on the right. That was my old room as a baby. I have the same room and window on film from the inside and there is nothing in the window. But I did notice an eerie thing about the room. The kid who stayed there used to put in the window a grim reaper drawing that glowed under a black light.

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