A ghost is usually defined as the apparition of a deceased person, frequently similar in appearance to that person, and encountered in places he or she frequented, or in association with the person's former belongings. The word "ghost" may also refer to the spirit or soul of a deceased person, or to any spirit or demon.

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Ghost Lights Picture

This ghost picture was taken in a haunted house at night, when the camera was set to take pictures automatically. The red glow is from an exit sign, but the white lights are unexplainable, even after analysis. The haunted house has accounts of an apparition of an old lady appearing to construction workers; lights turning on and off; footsteps up and down the stairs; and objects stacked in front of doors to block the workers from disturbing a room. Some of the construction workers were so afraid, they wouldn't work without a radio playing loudly and the front door open.

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