A ghost is usually defined as the apparition of a deceased person, frequently similar in appearance to that person, and encountered in places he or she frequented, or in association with the person's former belongings. The word "ghost" may also refer to the spirit or soul of a deceased person, or to any spirit or demon.

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Ghost Cat

"This is a photo taken back in 1990 or '91. The type of camera that was used, was a Kodak 35mm. After I received the film, I noticed this image of what appears to be a cat sitting near the fridge. Seven months before this photo was taken, our cat Janna had passed away, just to the left of the fridge in the laundry room. I did notice my three year old's expressions on these photos. Before the image, she was smiling, and in the photo with the cat image, she had what appears to be a sad face...the cat image...left a reflection on the side of the fridge."

Tim & Eileen Reid

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That is amazing! Love all your photos. This is fascinating stuff..where do you find them all? I have written a couple of articles about ghosts in my blog, check it out.
I will visit your blog again , it's too interesting.

I find this photo extremely interesting. Would it be possible for us to see a photograph taken of Janna when she was still with us on this plane? I think I see a big fluffy gray cat with a wide dark stripe down his back. Would love to compare this photo with a previous one - or with a written description by Janna's former human caretakers, Tim and Eileen Reid. I look forward to a reply. Thanks!

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