A ghost is usually defined as the apparition of a deceased person, frequently similar in appearance to that person, and encountered in places he or she frequented, or in association with the person's former belongings. The word "ghost" may also refer to the spirit or soul of a deceased person, or to any spirit or demon.

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Evil or not?

I took this pic of my son and he was see through if u look close theres a hand on his waist in the pic and two days later he almost died choking on a starburst luckly my mom was able to save his life i was the only one home when i took this pic i wondering if u thought it meant something is this thing in the picture good or evil.

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i think its evil...if he is choked

Not evil.
It appears to be an action shot. The hand is his own right hand as he must have just turned from the camera and moved toward the cabinet to create this. His left hand is at his face. Try a higher speed film to avoid in future.

I would definitely say motion blur. That is why the dog blurs slightly as well as the glow from the tv. Appears that the shudder was left open longer than normal. Check your exif data, if you have a way to.

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